Folks love the idea of learning Kabbalah, it just seems so mystical and forceful…and mysterious.  Within Torah tradition , a scholar does not start learning Kabbalistic studies until they have mastered all the other realms of study first.  In old-time generations, we might have a hard time understanding what Kabbalah really is and why it can’t be messed with, but in our time and age, when we have quantum physics, we can get a glimpse.  While every layman wants to learn and practice Kabbalah, none of those same wise guys would want to mess around with the atom bomb.

Not a soul would say, “I skipped high school math, college chemistry, but let me have a go at splitting nuclei”.   Kabbalah is actually quantum physics on a much refined level, it is the mechanics of how G-d created the world and the laws of nature.  Don’t think anyone can teach you that without your having the full gamut of Torah knowledge under your belt!   There are many sites out there in the wild world of web that claim to give you Kabbalah.  Just know, they are selling you the Brooklyn Bridge.  However, what we can do, is just see little tidbits brought down to our level and that is what we can try to share here.