You won’t find the legendary Eastern European town of Belz, Poland on most maps anymore. Wiped out in the Holocaust, the town that was a spiritual center of Jewish life for hundreds of years is now an empty shell. But the spark that was lit there in the 16th century has caught fire in the 21st. Today World of Belz is thriving with educational, social, and spiritual programs touching the hearts of thousands of men, women and children on a daily basis, reaching out from hubs in Israel and America to all four corners of the globe.

After the devastation of the Holocaust, the Jewish community could have thought to rebuild only its own dynasty. With true ahavas Yisrael, however, Belz honored their Rebbe’s commitment to reach out to every single member of Klal Yisrael. To this day, Belz remains firmly committed to uplifting, supporting, and sustaining hundreds of thousands of Jews regardless of their background, affiliation, or observance.

Everyday, World of Belz is dreaming up new ways to help the Jewish people and to be a beacon of light to all humanity.

When our people need medical attention, we provide hospitals and doctors. When they need shelter, we provide affordable housing. When they are hungry, we provide food assistance. When they need illumination, we provide schools and teachers. When they need spiritual guidance, we provide hope.

In recent years, we are especially concerned with our troubled youth, some of whom suffer from learning or physical disabilities, while others risk falling into destructive habits that drive them from their heritage. Our programs for youth gently bring them back into our community without judgment or reproach.

Wherever the place, whatever the need, Belz is there with one of the most proactive Jewish organizations in the Jewish world: dozens of educational, social, and health programs servicing thousands of men, women, and children every day.