Beginning on Rosh Hashana and continuing until after Yom Kippur, we add certain phrases into the Shmone Esrei. They are:

1. In the first blessing, we ask Hashem to be remembered and written in the book of life “Zachraynu l’chayim…”

2. In the second blessing, we pray to be recalled with mercy for life “Mee chamocha…”

3. In the third blessing, we switch “Ha’El Hakadosh” to “HaMelech Hakadosh”

4. In the blessing of “Hashiva shoftenu” we switch the wording from “Melech ohev tzidaka umishpat” to “Hamelech hamishpat”.

5. After Modim, we add another plea to be written for life – “Oo’chesov l’chaym tovim…”

6. In the final blessing of Sim Shalom, we add a prayer for life, peace, livelihood and more – “B’esefer chayim bracha v’shalom….”

The prayer of Aveinu Malkaynu is recited on every weekday of the Ten Days of Repentance, including Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. In this prayer, we refer to Hashem as both our Father and our King, while praying for a good year in every respect.