Two people can do the same Mitzvah and it will have a different effect on each of them. When someone prepares for a Mitzvah and anticipates doing it, it has a different meaning to them than doing a Mitzvah without preparation.

Dovid Hamelech says, “כל מצותיך אמונה”, the Seforim explain, that the purpose of all the Mitzvos is to bring to greater Emunah and connection to Hashem. The way we do a Mitzvah, is the key to making a Mitzvah more impactful. When one cherishes a Mitzvah and anticipates it, does it with a Chiyyus and a ‘bren’, learns about it and delves into it, it has an immense impact.

In this week’s Parshah Rashi says, “אם תקבלו עליכם יערב לכם מכאן ולהבא, שכל התחלות קשות – If you’ll accept it upon yourselves it will be sweet henceforth, because all beginnings are difficult”. The Friedige Belzer Ruv z”l asked, the Torah is saying if they will accept now it will be sweet from now on. Since all beginnings are difficult, how will it be better if they accept now?

The Friedige Ruv z”l answered that the difficulties at the beginning of every Avoda is only in action not in thought. There isn’t such a difficult resistance from the Yetzer Harah in thought as there is in action. To overcome the difficulties of starting a Mitzvah, one should think about the Mitzvah and anticipate doing it. Engaged thoughts are already a beginning and when it comes to do the Mitzvah in action, it will be much easier.

That’s why the Torah says that if the Yidden will accept now Torah and Mitvos, before Kabbulas Hatorah, and before they’ll need to do it in action, it will be sweet from now on and they won’t have the difficulties of beginning anew, when it comes to do the Mitzvos in action.