For many years the Sar Shalom’s father in law, Reb Yissochor Dov Ramraz, the Rav of Sokul, supported him so he can immerse in Torah and Avodah without any financial worries. Eventually the Sar Shalom had to go out and bring in sustenance to the family.

Rebbetzin Malka strongly wanted that the Sar Shalom should become a Rav in a town. She argued, “By a Rav, there is kasha and soup, and the Gemara is always on the table”. Meaning, that even though the position of a Rav can only sustain basic sustenance, it is consistent and the Rav is still able to fully immerse in Torah.

The Sar Shalom wanted to do some work for a few hours a day so he would be a נהנה מיגיע כפו – sustaining with one’s own toil. He decided against doing business in wine so not to get entangled in questions of ‘yayin nesech’. Once he was heading out to Leipzig to start doing business, but the Rebbetzin quickly sold her Jewelry and didn’t allow him to go.

Then the Sar Shalom decided to invest the dowry he received with a businessman and he’ll continue learning. When he found an appropriate business partner, they both set out to Lublin to ask the Chozeh of Lublin. They went into the Chozeh separately and asked. To the Sar Shalom the Chozeh said he should go into the deal, but to his business partner the Chozeh said not to do it.

Upon sharing with each other the answers they got, they didn’t know how to go forward. At the time the Yid Hakadosh of Peshischa was there in Lublin and they approached him to ask what to do. The Yid Hakadosh answered they should both go forward with the deal.

They did so and after a while the business went south and the Sar Shalom lost his entire investment. They returned to Lublin and they approached again the Yid Hakadosh and related what happened. The Yid Hakadosh answered that the holy Chozeh saw with Ruach Hakodesh that the business won’t be successful. To the Sar Shalom he answered that he should do the deal because that is the only way he will accept a Rabbinic post and that is what Hashem wants. Whereas to the business partner he advised against because the business won’t succeed. “When you came to me”, continued the Yid Hakadosh, “I saw that you are considering not to do it, but the Rebbe saw that this is supposed to happen, so I advised you both to go forward.” Then he turned to the business partner and said, “it was very worthwhile the money you lost but through this loss great good would come to Klal Yisroel and your Schar won’t be lost on it!”.

After this episode the Sar Shalom saw that he must accept the mantle of being a Rav in a town.

To be continued…