Shabbos, A Source Of Blessing For The Entire Week

This parsha, speaks about the abundance of blessings which accompany Shabbos. Let us follow the parsha’s footsteps on this matter.

Kabbolas HaTorah on the Merit of Shabbos

The first time we encounter Shabbos in this parsha is by means of a subtle hint, when Bnei Yisroel were in Marra. At that time, the Torah says: “There He decreed for them “chok u’mishpat” (a statute and a law) and there He tested them,” (Shemos 15:28).” In Sanhedrin (56b), and other places, (Rashi ibid), Chazal explain that one of the halachos Bnei Yisroel were given at Marra was Shabbos, as it is said in the Aseres Hadibros, regarding Shmiras Shabbos, “as Hashem your G-d commanded you.”

Bnei Yisroel were commanded to observe the Shabbos even before the Giving of the Torah, since Shabbos is the source of all brocho and kedusha. In order to merit the Torah, Bnei Yisroel had to first observe Shabbos, through which they would then be able to merit the Torah.

The Blessing of the Manna in the Merit of Shabbos

Later in the parsha, we learn that Shabbos brings all materialistic blessings, besides the spiritual ones. It teaches that Lechem Mishnah (double bread portions) fell on Friday, in honor of Shabbos, as Chazal say: “Hashem blessed it [Shabbos] with the Manna,” meaning that because of Shabbos, the Manna (Lechem Mishnah) fell on Friday.

The words of the Zohar on this matter are known. It says: “All of the blessings from Above and below are dependent on Shabbos. We learn that Bnei Yisroel didn’t find Manna on Shabbos because on each day one is blessed below from a corresponding “higher” day, stemming from the blessing it received on Shabbos.

Preparing for Shabbos on Friday

In addition to all of the influences of the brocho and the goodness which Shabbos brings, our parsha explains the obligation to prepare all of our Shabbos needs on Friday morning, as is said: (Shemos 16:5): “And it shall be that on the sixth day, when they prepare what they bring.” From this we learn the obligation to prepare for the Shabbos promptly in the morning, as alluded from the word “ve’haya.”

Complementing this idea, is the concept that the amount of blessing one receives on Shabbos is commensurate to the alacrity he displayed when preparing for Shabbos on Friday. The Torah commands all the eaters of the Manna to see the blessing of Shabbos on Friday, as manifested by the fact that this must accompany them on Friday morning when they prepare the Lechem Mishnah for Shabbos.