Bringing Ourselves to Awe and Love of Hashem

We all aim to feel אהבה ויראה – love and awe of Hashem. Sometimes it looks so far and unachievable, since they are emotions and not a concrete goal like finishing a Daf or a Sefer.

In fact, we already have those feelings throughout the day on things that aren’t spiritual. Chassidus teaches how to take those feelings and elevate them to a love and awe of Hashem.

The Meor Einayim explains that every feeling of love and awe that we feel is in essence from a holy source but it “fell down” and became a love and awe to a materialistic object. For example, in the desire to eat, the actual feeling of the desire that one feels in their heart is a kind of energy that is not materialistic. We can describe a feeling but not define it, because it’s energy is “Ruchni” – spiritual – and can’t be defined in concrete terms. That energy, explains the Meor Einayim, in its source was an energy of love to Hashem, but it fell and became a desire to a materialistic object.

The Meor Einayim goes on to explain that the reason Hashem made that we should have love and fear to materialistic objects, is to be able to grasp somewhat what it means to love and fear Hashem. Because if we wouldn’t have any feelings, and the Torah would command to love and fear Hashem, we wouldn’t even begin to comprehend what it is all about.

We can take those feelings and realize that if this is how it feels for a material object, how much more so would it be in its original source, a love and fear of Hashem.