Why Chasidim Immerse in the Mikvah?

Maran Rav Yisochor Dov, the third Belz Rebbe, known as the “Frierdige Ruv”, explained that it says in the Maharil that it’s appropriate to immerse in the Mikvah on Yom Kippur Eve because we prepare for doing Teshuvah – Repentance. In the Tractate of Avos it says one should repent every day since one never knows which day is his last. Hence one should immerse in a Mikvah every day as a measure of Teshuvah.

The Mikvah symbolizes the world at beginning of creation as it says in the second verse in the Torah that the earth was covered in water. When we immerse in the Mikvah it should awaken in us a feeling of surrendering to Hashem, and when we emerge it should awaken a feeling of birth and renewal, in preparation of a new day to do good and serve Hashem.

One cannot immerse in a Mikvah without bending down, symbolizing the humility and subservience that the Mikvah should bring.

The Mikvah is an important preparation for Davening for Chasidim, and it has become an essential part of building a Chasidic community.

As everything, one needs to make sure the means don’t become more important than the ends. That’s why some Chasidim rather didn’t immerse every day but only a few times a week, so it shouldn’t become a routine without significance and thought.