The Ruv z”l said of the last few generations that the “Doros” (generations) plummeted spiritually a thousand years. Although the Ruv z”l was on Madreigos that are unfathomable to us, he still had an unbelievable understanding of his generation. His advice is relevant today as ever.

Reb Yochonan Rachmestrivker was close to the Ruv z”l and frequently visited. Once Reb Yochanan asked for a Beracha for a Bochur that the Ruv z”l also knew that he should be a Masmid. The Ruv Z”L responded, “Is that so?, (meaning, is that so that he is not learning well), from now on call the bochur ‘Masmid’. Since then the Ruv z”L also called that bochur ‘Masmid’ when he came to visit. This had a profound impact on the Bochur and he started learning diligently.

Once an individual from Yareslov (a village in Galicia), had a dangerously sick child and the doctor ordered that he eat food that contained pork. The Yid was distressed and asked the Rav of Yareslov what to do. Without a question, the Rav responded that the child must certainly eat it. The Yid was very distraught about it and said that he will travel to Belz and ask the Ruv z”l what to do. The Yid traveled to Belz and asked the Sheilah. The Ruv z”l answered that the local Rav is right and he has to give it to his child to eat. “But”, added the Ruv z”l, “make sure Chas Vesholom that your child does not know that it contains pork”, so it shouldn’t affect the child’s Chinuch.

The Ruv z”l gave instructions to teachers that they should have a stick but they should not use it. Although today we don’t have sticks… still, we learn that there has to be fear, but love should be what the teacher uses.

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