With a few words the Ba’al Shem Tov revealed a new Ohr in Emunah. He writes, אמונה היא דביקות – Emunah is Deveikus.

Emunah encompasses more than only knowing the facts of the 13 ikkarim. Emunah is living with Hashem and seeing Hashem in everything. Emunah is living with the knowledge and frame of mind that every moment Hashem is making all of existence exist. ואתה מחיה את כולם – Hashem brings everything into existence every moment. If not for Hashem’s making the things exist, it would cease to exist right away.

Even more so, all of existence is a revelation of Hashem. When a person sees good in the world, it’s Hashem’s goodness that is revealed. When one sees a powerful force in the world, it is Hashem’s Gevurah that is revealed. Objects, color, sound, and every phenomenon in the world is a revealing of Hashem through different Middos.

When a person lives with Hashem, it is much deeper than just knowing the 13 ikkarim. Chasidim used to say that questions of Emunah don’t bother them, because even the answers to the questions are not the reason for their faith and belief. Their Emunah is much deeper than the questions. Just like no one philosophizes if they love their children, or if they are alive, etc. It’s part of life not just an intellectual pursuit.

This Emunah is Dveikus, as the Ba’al Shem Tov said.

If someone has questions that bothers them intellectually, the Rebbe Shlita believes that they ought to learn and find a resolution and it is not a contradiction to Emunah Peshuta. But the reason and source of our Emunah is deeper and higher than our intellectual capacities. To strengthen this Emunah, it is not through bringing stronger intellectual arguments, but through living with Hashem, seeing Hashem in everything, and doing His Mitzvos with a Chiyyus and Bren.