This week is Shabbos Nachmi. The big question about Nechama and consolation is, “how can we be comforted and find solace when we are still in the problem and when we are still in Galus?”

The answer to this is what the holy Ba’al Shem Tov taught us. He said, it says in Parshas Ha’azinu, “ואנכי הסתר אסתיר פני ביום ההוא על כל הרעה אשר עשה – and hide I will  hide my face on that day because of all the evil that they have done.”

Why does it say two times הסתרה – hiding, Hashem is either hidden or revealed, what does it mean to hide double?

Answers the Ba’al Shem Tov, that when someone has difficulties or suffering, that is one level of Hashem’s hiddenness. The mere existence of the difficulties and suffering can only happen when Hashem is not revealed. But this is not yet a real hiding, because when a person knows that it’s Hashem who made it and everything comes from Hashem, most of the suffering and difficulties vanish.

However, when someone thinks that the difficulties and suffering are a result of chance or a result of their own making and not what Hashem orchestrated, that is the real hiding. This is what the double hiding of Hashem’s hiddenness means.

The Ba’al Shem Tov used to say, “I fear more the double hiding (when one doesn’t know that it comes from Hashem) than the suffering itself.” Also, he used to say, “when someone knows that everything is from Hashem even the negative, through this Emunah they bring down a Yeshua and the negative will be transformed to good.

In difficulties and suffering, especially emotional and spiritual difficulties, there is a belief that, “it ought not to be so”, or “it could have been much better”. These beliefs sometimes torment the soul much more than the actual difficulty and suffering.

This is the way, Tzadikim taught, to achieve Nechamah. When we know that Hashem is the one who directs “everything” and everything is as it is supposed to be, we can reach Nechamah even when in Galus and within the suffering. Through this Emunah we bring light into darkness and we bring down a Yeshua for each of us and for Klal Yisroel with the Geulah Shleima בב”א!