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The First Baby Step

It all started in 1997 when Charles Kishner married in Waterbury CT and needed bread on his table.

Charles took from the saved twenty thousand dollars he received as wedding gifts and bought an ugly single-family home for fifty thousand dollars and rehabbed it for another thirty thousand and sold it for one hundred and ten thousand.

Once Charles got the taste of it he started doing it on a big scale!

And then…

The Sky is the Limit!

A long story going forward, Charles bought plenty of multi-family housing and managed them all by himself and his dedicated team.

In 2017 Charles partnered with Mr. Simcha Schick, and Simcha told Charles: we have all the operations in place; why not form it into an official management company so other deal sponsors can also benefit?

Rose Lyfe Management was established and serves tens of costumers with the same exact care as Charle’s and Simcha’s properties!