The following are a few points of the fundamental Torahs that the Mitele Ruv z”l repeated many times.

A person is never worthy on his own merit, but a person is always worthy in the eyes of Hashem. 

A person tends to view themselves on a certain level in Avodas Hashem, with good accomplishments on the one hand and shortcomings on the other. With this point of view, a person perceives his or her relationship with Hashem. When doing good they feel worthy, and when doing not-good they feel unworthy.

The Mitele Ruv z”l disproves of this whole approach.

Hashem is beyond all levels and perceptions. We can never think that we are worthy on our own merit or that we scored some good points with Hashem.

Does this mean that we are worthless?

Chas Vesholom! Just the opposite. Hashem allows us and wants us to approach Him and to serve Him every minute and with everything we have. This itself is the greatest validation of the worthiness that Hashem gives us.

When our worthiness is dependent on our own levels and accomplishments, it is finite and constantly changing. When we know that our worthiness comes entirely from Hashem, it is infinite and never changing, no matter our level.

On our own we can’t reach any level even in Ruchniyus and self-improvement, but through yearning to become better and through constantly turning to Hashem everyone can achieve very high levels.

A person who never sinned is on a special level of having a total clean slate. A person who sinned and did Teshuvah is cleansed of their shortcomings, but can they return to a level of “never sinning”?

The Mitele Ruv z”l says, yes! If a person turns to Hashem, they can reach EVERY level of closeness to Hashem, even the impossible.

The Power of Learning Torah

The Torahs of the Mitele Ruv z”l are filled with teaching the transformative power of learning Torah.

Torah can transform a person at any level that the person is at, even the lowest level possible.

The greatest tool against the Yetzer Harah is to toil in learning. The Belzer Rebbes constantly repeated from the Chozeh of Lublin, “I tried all ‘segufim’ (self-inflicting pain) to break the Yetzer Harah, but he fears nothing but toiling in Torah.”

The greatest Segulah for Simcha is learning a Daf Gemara.

When a person learns they become a place for the Shechinah.

Torah learning brings out the unique ‘Madreiga’ (spiritual level) of every Yid and Torah learning can also bring a person to higher levels than his Neshamah originally was.