Tonight is Lag Beomer, the Yartzeit of the holy Tannah Reb Shimon Bar Yochai. On Lag Beomer Reb Shimon revealed great Sodos Hatorah that he never revealed before, that’s why he was very happy and instructed that generations afterwards should rejoice too. These Sodos Hatorah were the basis of the Ari Hakadosh’s later revelations of Sodos Hatorah.

The Ohr of Reb Shimon contains the Ohr of all the Tzadikim and Sodos Hatorah after him. The Zohar says “בהאי חיבורא דילך דאיהו ספר הזהר, יפקון ביה מן גלותא ברחמי” – With the Sefer Hazohar we will be redeemed from Galus with Rachamim.

Tzadikim taught that not only will the Zohar bring the ultimate Geulah, but the Ohr of Geulah will shine in Galus and help us survive and thrive even in Galus. That’s why the closer we get to the Geulah the more Sodos Hatorah are revealed. At first there was the Zohar, then Ari Hakadosh, and then Ba’al Shem Tov, Gr”a and the other Tzadikim.

Even the whole Yeshivish Derech was started through Kabbalah, Ari Hakadosh, and the Zohar. The founder of the Yeshivos was Reb Chaim Volozhiner, the primary Talmid of the Gr”a. His Sefer Nefesh Hachaim is entirely based on Kabbalah. The Derech of Chidushei Torah and Chiyyus in learning that is the hallmark of the Yeshivos, is laid out in Nefesh Hachaim and was the basis of Reb Chaim’s establishing the Yeshivos.

One would think that the Ohr of Reb Shimon is something only for Mekubalim and great Tzadikim. As explained, it is not so. Most of the Ohros we have today are from Reb Shimon’s Giluim (revelations).

We all have a connection to the Ohr of Reb Shimon. Reb Aharon Karliner writes, “מה הקב”ה לכל אף ר’ שמעון לכל” – just like Hashem is for everyone so too Reb Shimon is for everyone.



  • Beginning on Lag Beomer the Ohr of Shavuos, of Kabulas Hatorah, starts to be revealed. – Bnei Yisoschor


  • The days of Sefirah are 49. Till Lag Beomar there is 32 days and from Lag Beomer to Shavuos there is 17 days. 32 is the numerical value of לב; 17 is the numerical value of טוב. – Bnei Yisoschor


  • The 33rd time it says in Shas the name Reb Shimon  is on page 33 (!) in Maseches Shabbos where the Gemara tells the story of Reb Shimon hiding in the cave. The Friedige Ruv z”l once said it over at the Tish on Lag Beomer. A while later it was noticed that the Bilgorayer Ruv z”l who was then a child was missing. After some searching he was found counting all mentions of Reb Shimon to see if this vort holds. The Friedige Ruv z”l was very happy that he wanted to see and learn for himself.


  • Since 2/3 of Sefirah passed with Avoda on the Middos, after Lag Beomer Hashem picks us up and helps us cleanse our Middos. – Ershter Ruv z”l


!תורתו מגן לנו, היא מאירת עינינו, הוא ימליץ טוב בעדינו