Meaning and Dikduk Halacha in Mitzvos


The Torah constantly refers to the Mitzvos as חקים ומשפטים, especially in the current Parshos.

According to the commentaries, חקים means Mitzvos that can’t be explained rationally, and משפטים means Mitzvos that can be explained rationally.

Chasidus teaches that both aspects are really prevalent in every Mitzvah. We need to connect and find meaning in every Mitzvah, but we shouldn’t limit the Mitzvah to the reason and meaning that we find, it’s really far beyond that.

The meaning and ta’amim we find in the Mitzvos bring us to love Hashem and the Mitzvos. The Emuna that there is so much more in every Mitzvah brings us to be in awe of Hashem and the Mitzvos.

For some, Mitzvos are mainly about the Dikdikei Halacha, to do it right, and not so much the personal experience when doing the Mitzvah. Yet for others, Mitzvos are mainly the personal experience. Chasidus teaches that real connection to Hashem is a result of both aspects in Mitzvos.