If the package is heavy, it’s definitely not my package!

A diamond dealer was having a case of diamonds delivered to him from overseas. When the package arrives at the port, he gets a call from the special delivery with a price amount he felt is too high. He inquires about it, and the deliverer claims that the package is very heavy, and the price makes sense. “Well”, responds the diamond dealer, “If the package is heavy it’s definitely not my package!”.

This parable was said by the Dubne Magid about the verse in Yeshaya 43:22 ולא אותי קראתי יעקב, כי יגעת בי ישראל. – “If you get tired then it’s not me who you are serving. My merchandise is not heavy!”

The Kutzker Rebbe said on this parable that the Dubne Magid was מכוין to the truth (a term not thrown around in Kutzk!)

Chassidus taught that it doesn’t mean that we should take Judaism easy and do away with things that seem difficult. It means that what we really want in our life, the source of it can be found in the Torah. When Torah becomes from something that we do, to something that we live and strive for, it becomes a light and lively package.

Chassidus didn’t only state the above statement, they also taught how to achieve it. We hope to explore in this series of posts, those fundamental teachings, all drawn from the rivers of Torah and Chassidus.