As mentioned before, in the city of Sokul where the Sar Shalom lived for many years after his marriage, lived the great Tzaddik, Reb Shloma Flam, known as Reb Shloma Lutzker. Reb Shloma Lutzker was one of the closest students and the personal scribe of the Mezritcher Maggid, who was the successor of the Ba’al Shem Tov. Reb Shloma Flam wrote down all the Torah of the Mezritcher Maggid and published them.

The Zlutchiver Maggid was a young student of the Ba’al Shem Tov together with the Mezritcher Maggid. When the Ba’al Shem Tov passed away the Zlutchiver Maggid came to the Mezritcher Maggid to learn. Once when the Maggid of Zlutchiv came to visit the Maggid of Mezritch, he brought along his student Reb Mordechai of Neshchiz, who at the time was the Rav in the village of Leshnuv near Brody.

At one-point Reb Mordechai was looking for his Rebbe, the Zlutchiver Maggid and asked around, “Where is my Rebbe?”, Where is my Rebbe?” Reb Shloma Lutzker heard him call out, and it bothered him that in the court of the Mezritcher Maggid, who was the leading Rebbe at the time, this student is calling for his Rebbe in such a manner. Reb Shloma proclaimed to him, “you and your Rebbe need to come to the Mezrithcer Maggid.”

Reb Mordechai who was a strict Rebbe, looked Reb Shloma in the eye strongly, put his hands on his shoulders, and remain silent.

Later when Reb Shloma sat down to learn with his teacher, the Mezritcher Maggid, he couldn’t grasp the teachings. The Mezritcher Maggid realized and asked him if he did something negative that day. Reb Shloma thought, and nothing came to mind. The Mezritcher Maggid asked him, “maybe you hurt one of your friends?” Reb Shloma reminded himself what happened with the guest and repeated the episode to his Rebbe. When his Rebbe heard he said, “since you hurt the Koved of the Zlutchiver Maggid, you won’t be able to lead an Eidah (a Kehillah of Chasidim). “But”, the Mezrithcer Maggid said, “You’ll have one Talmid that would be like tens of thousands of Chasidim.

That Talmid came about a long time later when the Sar Shalom started learning with Reb Shloma in Sokul.