In a rare directive, a few weeks ago the Rebbe Shlit”a sent out a long letter (see below) with Chizzuk on Tefillah and in particular to make sure not to talk in Shul, and the vast Zechusim there are to Daven Betzibur.

It is rare that the Rebbe Shlit”a gives a specific directive to improve something in Ruchniyus. The Rebbe gives every year a speech of Chizzuk and covers many topics, but it is rare that the Rebbe should focus on one particular thing.

The Rebbe writes that if someone Davens Betzibur they are guaranteed to have Parnasah and Hatzlachah, and through Tefillah Betzibur we can destroy harsh decrees ח”ו.

May we all Daven well and be zoche to all Berachos and protection, and a Kesivah Vechasimah Tovah!