Building The Future Together

Become an equal partner in the Torah study of today and the development of the leaders of tomorrow by donating with an open heart.
Be an active participant in ongoing education at the highest level. Together, let us create the future.

Our Responsibility To the Next Generation

The Jewish nation perseveres, and forever shall endure, due to the extraordinary efforts it employs in diligent Torah study and accurate application. Jewish survival hinges on meticulous transmission of its vast heritage to succeeding generations.
From the birth of our nation, down to today, every generation considered it their sacred duty to transmit the tradition from the preceding to the following generations by ensuring that scholars were well trained to lead, guide and hand down the Torah legacy in all its pristine glory.
The link endures. Today, as before, it is incumbent upon us to support Torah study. We must ensure that Torah scholars are accurately trained to upkeep and transmit every nuance, law and tradition that determines the spirit and vibrancy of the Jewish nation.

Partnering with Eternity

While Belz is ensuring that an outstanding cohort of Torah scholars are being trained to be Torah teachers, rabbis and dayanim, it cannot be accomplished without the aid of those who have the means to support.
Im ain kemach, ain Torah. Without financial support, Torah study shall cease. Our nation’s glorious history is replete with partnerships of Torah scholars and men of means. When one supports the other, both reap equal reward from Heaven. We beseech you to join our cadre of Torah scholars. Support Torah study today in the Belz Kollelim and be analogous to the “support rods” of the Aron in the Kodesh Hakodashim.

Join In Spreading The Light Of Torah Onward By Supporting
The Torah Leaders Of The Next Generation

Light Of Torah
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Of Torah Study for
One hour of Torah study is a combination of many moments. One moment in the toil of Torah equals all other mitzvos combined. One hour is forever.
Light Of Torah
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Of Torah Study for
One day of Torah is a link in the chain of infinity. One small day devoted to serious Torah study is one giant leap in the development of our nation’s future.
Light Of Torah
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Of Torah Study for
One week of diligent Torah study is consequential in the educational progression of a serious Torah scholar. One week of support in our destiny is eternal.

The Belz Kollel Network

Every morning thousands of Torah Scholars throughout the vast network of Belz Kollelim begin their day anew with selfless dedication to Torah study. Dedicated to the proposition that education forms the cornerstone of our people, and acknowledging the urgency to preserve the legacy of our people, they carry on. Torah education and Jewish identity are forever intertwined.

33 Locations – 1486 Torah Scholars


  • 10 Locations
  • 373 Scholars


  • 10 Locations
  • 421 Scholars

Bet Shemesh

  • 4 Locations
  • 192 Scholars

Givat Ze’ev

  • 1 Locations
  • 22 Scholars

Bnei Brak

  • 5 Locations
  • 243 Scholars

Kiryat Gat

  • 1 Locations
  • 45 Scholars


  • 5 Locations
  • 194 Scholars