Nothing stood in their way. The Germans, under the strategic leadership of General Rommel, had their hearts set on conquering Palestine. And all hearts in Palestine trembled in fear. The Jews of the Holy Land, and from all over the world, directed their pleas to the only One Who could effect salvation.

From the Kosel Hama’arovi, from every beis midrash, and from every home in Eretz Yisroel emanated the cries of the Jewish people beseeching Hashem to save them. And in the beis midrash of Rebbe Shlom’ke Goldman of Zhvil, it was no different.

One Friday night, the enemy was literally poised on the country’s doorstep. After reciting Kiddush, Rebbe Shlom’ke was apprised of the imminent invasion. His reaction shocked the already fearful congregation. “Why didn’t you tell me this before I recited Kiddush?” he demanded, clearly upset.

Viewing the bewildered expressions around him, Rebbe Shlom’ke explained himself. “When we recite Kiddush on Friday night, we form a partnership with the Holy One, blessed be He. And one partner usually has influence over his fellow partner, more than other people.”

“Then he added, “Careful recitation of Vayechulu spreads faith in Hashem. And whom does the King hold most in esteem, if not the one who spreads His word? The words of this prayer have the power to effect great, supernatural miracles.”