(A continuation of the series on the Mitele Ruv z”l. See previous articles here.)

A Yid from a neighboring town to Belz used to come ask the Mitele Ruv every time he did a Shidduch, and received a Beracha. Once, when he was about to finish a Shiudduch with one of his children, he couldn’t travel to Belz because of bad weather.

The Shadchan pushed that he should do the Shidduch right away. The Shadchan asked him, “Why do you go to a Rebbe? Does the Rebbe even know the two sides?” The Yid answered, “No, the Rebbe only asks if my wife and I are happy with the suggestions and then gives a Beracha that the Shidduch should work out.”

The Shadchan said, “So why wait? You are happy, let’s just make the Shidduch.” The Yid let himself be conviced and he did the Shidduch. Not much time passed and the Shidduch didn’t work out. The Yid was distraught and went to the Mitele Ruv to ask why is it so important to ask the Rebbe if the Rebbe doesn’t even give him advice.

The Mitele Ruv answered that it says in the Mishna of someone who learns Torah Lishmah, “ונהנין ממנו עצה ותושיה – and they enjoy from him advice and help”. It doesn’t say that the sage “gives” advice, but that the questioner “enjoys” advice. By coming to a Rebbe and asking, you already receive the guidance and Siyata Dishmaya even if he doesn’t tell you explicitly what to do.


A Belzer Chossid in Brody by the name R’ Dovid Klagsenbrun, was wealthy and excelled in Hachnasas Orchim. He only had daughters and he and his wife wanted to be Zoche to a son. He came to the Mitele Ruv to ask that he should be Zoche to have a son. The Mitele Ruv told him that if he is willing to forgo his wealth, and by the time of the Bar Mitzvah of the son he’d be as poor as the Yidden who come to him, he could in exchange be Zoche to have a son.

R’ Dovid said he’ll ask his wife if she agrees. His wife agreed and the Mitele Ruv gave him a Beracha to be Zoche to a son. A year later he had a son and named him Yitzchok Meir. As he agreed, he started losing his riches and by the time of the Bar Mitzvah of the son came around, he was a poor person.

Since they lost all their fortunes and didn’t have much to do in Brody, they decided to leave for Eretz Yisroel, and live with the help of the Kollel Galicia. This itself was a blessing in disguise. The famous Reb Chaim Brim and the whole Brim family are descendants of this son. Brim is the acronym of “Ben R’ Yitzchok Meir”.


A doctor from Romania had a disease on his neck and his neck became deformed. The doctor went to see specialists, but all the medications they prescribed didn’t help him. He then came to the Mitele Ruv and asked to be helped.

The Mitele Ruv inquired about his Yiddishkeit and asked him if he is Shomer Shabbos. The doctor said that he isn’t. The Mitele Ruv asked if he makes Kiddush, to which he answered in the negative and said that it’s very difficult for him to make Kiddush since he goes out then with friends.

The Mitele Ruv told him that if he’ll make Kiddush, he’ll have a Refuah. He did so and was healed.

A while later he became lax again in making Kiddush and the disease returned. He came again to the Mitele Ruv and the Mitele Ruv asked him if he’s still making Kiddush and he said that he misses sometimes.

The Mitele Ruv told him if he’ll keep his promise he’ll get healed again. A long while later, he became lax again and the disease returned. This time when he came to the Mitele Ruv, the Mitele Ruv said, “This is the last time. If you don’t make Kiddush every week the disease will not go away.” From then on the doctor made sure not to miss a single Kiddush.