Tonight is the Yartzeit of the holy Klausenburger Rebbe z”l.

There was a big philanthropist who helped the Rebbe build the hospital in Netanaya, Israel, with enormous sums. He once came to the Rebbe with a request. He asked the Rebbe to be together with him in the World to Come.

The Rebbe heard his request and became very serious. He closed his eyes, and fell into deep thought. He was in such a state for a long while, obviously taking the request very seriously.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and said to the philanthropist with great emotion, “Believe me, from everything that I did I don’t have any share in the World to Come. Except for what I did in Feldafing after the Holocaust. But for what I did there? עין לא ראתה אלקים זולתך” (which means that it’s in such a high place that it’s not possible to grasp)

The story itself is beyond our grasp. The amount of Torah, Avoda, and Chesed the Rebbe did throughout his life is indescribable. In his great Humility he didn’t consider anything worthy. In Feldafing he gave enormous Chizzuk and help for the broken hearts and souls, even after he lost everything in his life, including his wife and eleven children! He held that this was something not in the grasp of a person living in the “normal” world after the war.