The holy Yismach Moshe (Yahrtzeit was yesterday) was busy all his life hoping for Mashiach.

He used to sleep with his clothes on and his Shtreimel and cane were near his bed, ready to jump out as soon as the good news will come.

Once his son and daughter-in-law were supposed to come to him for Shabbos, and their trip prolonged. The family was already anxious where they are. Meanwhlie the Yismach Moshe went to the Mikvah before Shabbos. Suddenly the Gabai came running into the Mikvah, exclaiming to the Yismach Moshe, “He is here!”.

The Yismach Moshe became so excited, he dressed super quickly and ran out of the Mikvah. Of course the Gabbai meant that the son and his family arrived, but the Yismach Moshe thought he means Mashiach is here! He couldn’t think of anything else more exciting and urgent.

When he came to his house and saw that “He is here” did not mean Mashiach, he started to cry bitterly.

May the yearnings hasten his arrival in our days, בב”א