A Dibbuk once came before the Kuznitzer Maggid (Avodas Yisroel) and he described to the Maggid how much he is suffering and how he is looking for a Tikkun. The Maggid asked him what his sin is. He said that in the times of the first Beis Hamikdash when Zachariah Hanavi came to say Nevuah, he was the first to slap him in the face and then other people killed him.

As is known from the Gemara, Zachariah Hanavi was killed in the Beis Hamikdash when he prophesized of the coming destruction, and his blood didn’t stop boiling. Later, Nevuzaradin, the commander of Nevuchadnezzar’s army killed many Yidden to quiet the blood, to no avail. Till he yelled out ato the blood saying, “how many more should I kill?” and it stopped boiling.

The Kuznitzer Maggid started twirling with his Tzitzis and was Me’yached Yichudim. The Dibbuk started to laugh and said, “In the times of the Beis Hamikdash every peasant was able to do this!”.

The Maggid asked him, if you are understanding of the secrets, why did you slap the Navi and bring about his death. He said, because the Navi should not have said his prophecy, and his Nevuah wouldn’t have happened. In order for Nevuah to happen it needs to be expressed in this world.

The Maggid said, “but a Navi is not allowed to keep the Nevuah to himself, and if he does, he is חייב מיתה בידי שמים.

The Dibbuk answered, “he should have done so anyway and as a leader of Klal Yisroel he should have had Mesiras Nefesh for Klal Yisroel. That’s why we killed him.”

The Maggid told him that he fulfilled what needed to be done, to tell the other side of the story and he gave him a Tikkun.

This is a story beyond our comprehension, but it gives us a glimpse to the deeper happenings in the stories of Tanach and Chazal.