Rebbetzin Malka, the Rebbetzin of the first Belzer Rebbe, was very instrumental in building and shaping Belz. The Rebbetzin cooked for the Chasidim who came to Belz and in this capacity she urged and encouraged their spiritual growth.

Once, one of the Chasidim recited a Berachah quickly on a roll. The Rebbetzin saw and gave him Mussar. She said, “think how many Tefillos a kernel of grain Davens to finally reach a mouth that will make a Beracha on it. First, the kernel Davens that it shouldn’t be lost in the cutting, threshing, and winnowing.

“Then the grains are taken to be ground and it prays that it shouldn’t be lost as dust. Then they are sold on the market and it prays that it should reach a Yid. When it is kneaded and made into bread, it prays that it shouldn’t be lost or rotten.

“Finally the roll reached you, and you made the Beracha so quickly and without thought!”


Once, a Chasid came to the Rebbetzin for second servings and she poured him more soup. Then this Chasid came a third time, the Rebbetzin said, “If you are hungry, I’ll give you gladly, but if not, you should know that I regret every extra bite I ate in my life!”

The Rebbetzin’s Yahrtzeit is this coming Sunday, זכותה תגן עלינו!