Rebbe Mordechai of Bilgoray

Reb Aharon’s younger brother, Reb Mordechai, was Rav in the town of Bilgoray where he ran a yeshiva.

When war broke out, Reb Aharon insisted that Reb Mordechai come and join him in his escape, and through the entire ordeal he kept his brother by his side. When they arrived in Eretz Yisrael after the war, Reb Mordechai continued to serve as his brother’s right hand, supporting his efforts to rebuild Torah, Judaism and the Belz Chassidus. Reb Mordechai remarried and had one son, Yisachar Dov, the current Rebbe of Belz. Sadly, Reb Mordechai passed away from illness in 1949 at a young age.