He said, Look, the day is still long it is not yet time to gather in the livestock! Give the sheep to drink and go, take them out to the pasture.”‘

When R‘ Meir of Premishlan would read this verse, he lifted his eyes to Heaven and pronounced, “Master of the World! If it is not yet time to gather in the livestock; if because of our sins, we have still not merited having the dispersed of Israel gathered into our homeland, than at least ‘give the sheep to drink and take them to the pasture‘, provide Your flock with whatever they need to sustain themselves. This way, they will have the strength to continue yearning for the final redemption.”

When R‘ Moshe of Kobrin would read this verse, he would tell his chassidim, “We must prepare! ‘Hein od hayom gadol,‘ very soon we will have to face `the great day‘ of reckoning. On that day, each individual will have to give a detailed account of his deeds, and will be judged accordingly.

‘“Lo eis hei‘aseif hamikneh,‘ this is not the proper time to engage in amassing the material acquisitions (mikneh) of this world. Instead, we must concern ourselves with amassing as many mitzvohs and good deeds as we can, so that we should have what to take with us to Olam Habo.