On all Yomim Tovim the Middah of Chesed from Hashem is more revealed, but on the Yomim Noraim the Middah of Din is more revealed. The Seforim say, Chas Vesholom a person should think that Yomim Noraim is only Din and become alienated and wish that it passes.

The opposite is true, there is so much Chesed in this Din. Yes, we do make a Cheshbon Hanefesh and do Teshuvah on our shortcomings, but it’s not like we are pleading with a judge for compassion. We come to Hashem with the greatest enthusiasm to his Meluchah in the world. We want to be good and we want the whole world should be good and recognize that we are creatures from Hashem and not creators ourselves.

Teshuvah is part of revealing to ourselves what we truly want. We truly want to be Ovdei Hashem. By regretting our shortcomings, we reveal our Neshama from beneath, and we cry out that we truly want Ol Malchus Shamayim. We want Hashem should be revealed also in the physical and there shouldn’t be any pain and suffering, which stems from a concealment of Hashem.

By embracing the Din, we change it to become revealed Rachamim. When a person realizes the sweetness of the Avodah of the Yomim Noraim, it becomes the best and sweetest days of the year. May it be so by us all, and we should be Zoche to a Kesivah Vachasimah Tovah!