Therefore tell my father of all my glory in Mitzrayim and all that you saw…”

“The Apter Rav is coming!” An undercurrent of excitement rippled through the thousands of Chassidim assembled at the crossroads. They craned their necks, wanting to catch the first glimpse of the Rav’s holy countenance. It was not every day that the saintly Apter Rav honored their city with a visit, and the massive crowds attested to the high regard and awe that the Chassidim felt towards him.

Clop…Clop…The sound of horses’ hooves were coming closer, as the wagon finally clattered into sight.

Glancing out the window, the Apter Rav was astonished to see such a multitude of people. Aggravated, he turned to his son, Rebbe Yitzchok Meir, “Tell me, why do people insist on bestowing honor upon those who aren’t worthy of it?”

Rebbe Yitzchok Meir, wanting to calm his father’s distress, responded, “Father, these people didn’t converge in your honor; they came to accord respect to me.”

Hearing this, the Apter Rav was mollified, and did not discuss it any further. Later, however, he turned questioningly to his son, “Yitzchok Meir, why do so many people feel the need to bestow all that honor upon you, by coming out in masses?”

A gentle smile played on Rebbe Yitzchok Meir’s lips as he answered, “It’s really quite simple, Father. They come because I am the son of the great tzaddik, the holy Apter Rav.”

Maran Rebbe Yissochor Dov of Belz zy”a, used this story to explain what Yosef Hatzaddik said to his brothers. “Vehigadetem Le’Avi—You should tell my father of all my honor in Mitzrayim” (Bereishis 45:13). Yosef meant to say, that all the honor he is being accorded in Mitzrayim comes to him only because he is the son of Yaakov Avinu…