To Our Dear Readers,

We are launching a Chanukah Campaign for World of Belz, which is the biggest Torah network in the world with over 13,000 students! 

More than any other Tzedaka, supporting Torah provides you with ever lasting dividends. It is a “Domino Effect”, more Torah in the world generates more Torah and more Zechusim.

B”H we are able to offer now an incredible opportunity! Receive a flask of oil which contains a bit of oil from the Menorah of Reb Aharon of Belz z”l from the year תשי”גa– 1953.

We are looking forward to upgrade after Chanukah with better content and a better site so we can share more Torah and Chassidus with You and the world. 

If you enjoy the content, please consider taking part in this great Zechus. The more successful the campaign is the more we’ll be able to spread Torah further on the site. 

Click Here to be part of this ever-growing light.


תזכו למצוות and Thank You Very Much!


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