As much as the Mitele Ruv z”l was a continuation of his father’s Chassidus, he also vastly formed it in his unique way. The Ershter Ruv z”l’s approach was more “Ahavah” oriented whereas the Mitele Ruv z”l was more “Yirah” oriented.

Whoever came in contact with the Mitele Ruv was engulfed with awe. Many times, the Mitele Ruv would say an answer to a question that his visitor planned to ask but didn’t ask yet. There was a simple Yid living in Saratoga Springs, NY, originally from Eastern Europe. He described how people would wait on a line to go into the Mitele Ruv, and whenever the door opened for the next person to go in, the people in line would shudder at seeing the Mitele Ruv.

The Mitele Ruv’s approach in his Avodah was with Yirah too. Although in Belz the davening was loud and with great Hislahavos, the Mitele Ruv himself didn’t move a muscle when Davening Krias Shema and Shemone Esrei. He stood in awe before Hashem and his face was fire red. The Yoshvim used to block the view of him from people, so that people shouldn’t think that this is an Avodah for everyone.

The Mitele Ruv was a renowned Talmud Chacham. He continued his father’s emphasis on the Avodah of Torah and broadened the institution of Yoshvim.

In the times of the Mitele Ruv Chasidim started bringing their teenage Bochurim to Belz. The Mitele Ruv said, “Really, I shouldn’t agree on them coming because it’s ‘Bitul Torah’, but I see that they become transformed in Belz so I let them.”

The Mitele Ruv collected an extensive library of Seforim, including rare ones. He quoted from many Seforim in the Torahs that he said.

The Mitele Ruv’s Torahs are very deep and fundamental. It is the basis of much of the thought in Belz. The Ruv z”l, Reb Aharon, said, “the Torahs of my Zeida are built on strong fundamentals like the words of the Rashba!”

Bezras Hashem next week we will share a few of them.