Message From Our Sages

If we keep Shabbos in all its details and finer points, it will be a day of geula from one’s sins. The main aspect and root of teshuva is shemiras Shabbos ke’hilchchaso—observing Shabbos according the halacha all year too, as our sages say (Shabbos 118b), “The sins of all who observe Shabbos according the halacha, even an idol worshipper, are forgiven.” Therefore the Shabbos between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur – is called Shabbos Teshuva and is so important.

If one is very careful on that Shabbos, even in respect to mundane conversations, and focuses his thoughts on matters of yiras Shamayim the entire day, all of his sins on all of the other Shabbosos of the year from the time of his birth until now, are forgiven.

Many Jews who usually don’t go to the mikveh on Shabbos morning before tefilla do so on Shabbos Teshuva, and then after the morning meal go to shul and recite Tehillim until Mincha.