Why Chasidic Garb?

One of the most apparent paradoxes in Chassidus, especially in the summer time, is the Chasidic attire. Since Chassidus stresses “pnimius” – inner connection to Hashem, why it is also important to adhere to a certain dress code?

The answer is because Chassidus appreciates the “Pnimius” of dress. Clothes that we put on aren’t trivial, they become part of the person and shapes the person’s inner thoughts and feelings.

We see it in Halacha where the Torah says “ובחוקותיהם לא תלכו” which includes dress that we shouldn’t copy from other cultures.

Even in today’s Western Culture where dress code is almost non-existent, many professions still require uniforms and dress codes, like doctors, policemen, etc. The reason is because dress gives a person an identity and a higher calling of conduct.

Distinct dress has always been important for the Jewish People and it had different expressions throughout the ages.

Another important part of Chassidishe clothing is to identify as one community with one higher goal of greatly increasing Kevod Shamayim. The members in the community that are the greatest in Torah and Avodas Hashem wear the same clothes as everyone else. When people who are not yet in a high level wear the same clothes, they make a statement with whom they want to associate with, who is their inspiration, and with whom they share a common goal. Everyone is special, and everyone has their unique journey in Avodas Hashem. Being part of one community in name, language, and dress, expresses a common goal of increasing Kevod Shamayim in this world.

As Dovid Hamelech says in Tehilim, “חבר אני לכל אשר יראוך ולשמרי פקודיך – I am a companion to all who fear You and to those who keep your precepts.”