“Now Yisroel loved Yosef more than all His sons since he was a child of his old age, and he made him a fine woolen tunic.”

Yaakov did not intend, by giving Yosef the coat, to cause jealousy among Yosef’s brothers. He did not entertain the idea that they would be jealous of material possessions, which have no lasting value.

Chazal state (Shabbos 145:) that the scholars of Bavel dressed in ornate clothing because they were not truly b’nei Torah, they were not completely immersed in the Torah way of life.

Yaakov loved Yosef more than his other sons. Because of this, Yaakov transmitted to Yosef the deepest secrets of the Torah. Yaakov was worried that Yosef’s brothers would resent the fact that he had been singled out from among them. Therefore, he made an ornate garment, a colorful coat, for Yosef, hoping to deceive the brothers. He thought they would perceive Yosef as one who wasn’t a ben Torah, else he would not have donned such an ornate coat.

But the brothers were not fooled. “His brothers saw” (verse 4) – they realized that Yaakov did love Yosef more than he loved them, and had favored him in transmitting the Torah’s secrets to him. And they understood that the coat was meant to deceive them.

Chasam Sofer