The second Rebbe of Belz was Reb Yehoshua Rokeach, known to Chasidim as “Der Mitele Ruv z”l”. The Mitele Ruv was the youngest child of the Ershter Ruv z”l.

When the Mitele Ruv reached his Bar Mitzvah, his father asked him what gift he’d like. He answered that he wants a pure and holy Guf (body). The Ershter Ruv responded, “A pure Guf and a holy Neshamah I gave you already when you were born!”

At the time, most children of Rebbes would also travel to other Rebbes to learn from them. The Mitele Ruv however, didn’t; he only studied with his father and drew much from his father’s Torah and Kedushah. Later in his life, the Mitele Ruv remarked that he still remembers a Torah that his father said when as he was holding him on his shoulders as a baby.

The Mitele Ruv explained why he didn’t travel to other Rebbes. He said that his father opened all the doors of Torah and Chachmah for him and didn’t instruct him to travel, so he understood that he shouldn’t.

The Mitele Ruv was a great Masmid from a young age but he would always hide his Avodah. His father once remarked, “Even from me my son tries to hide, but I know that he is מלא רוח חכמה like Yehoshua Bin Nin!”

When the Mitele Ruv was very young, his father once took him outside and showed him the sky when it had a certain color, but he didn’t explain why he is showing it to him. Many years later the Radzhiner Rebbe came to the Mitele Ruv to spread his idea of renewing ‘Techeiles’. The Mitele Ruv then understood why his father showed him the color of the sky, since the Gemara says that Techeiles is the same color as the sky. The Mitele Ruv saw that the Radzhiner’s Techeiles is not the same color as the sky and said that he disagrees that it is Techeiles.

To be continued…