21 Av – Yahrtzeit of Reb Aharon of Belz

The Flame of Hope and Kedushah for Klal Yisroel

Your Name. Your Family. Your Kvittel.

Hundreds of thousands of Yidden make their way every year to the Tziyon of the Belzer Ruv, Reb Aharon z”l. It is the most traveled to Tziyon in Eretz Yisroel after Reb Shimon in Miron. It’s fascinating that three Yahrtzeits, Reb Shimon, the Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh, and the Belzer Ruv z”l, always fall on the same day of the week. This year it is on Tuesday.

This year the throngs of Yidden who visit every year will yearn to be there from afar.

We will all connect with the Tzadik by taking inspiration and Chizuk of the Holy Reb Aharon and supporting the institutions that he invested so much in.

Although Reb Aharon lost all his children in the war, he considered the students of his yeshiva his own children. He made a solemn promise to all who supported “his Yeshiva”:

“Whoever supports my yeshiva, it is as if he has given to me personally.”

and he said:

“Baruch Hashem, I never was left owing someone a favor.”

We are blessed to live in the century that the Holy Ruv Z”L, Reb Aharon of Belz, was alive in and part of. Reb Aharon was the Rebbe who led the Chasidim before, during, and after the Holocaust. His Kedusha and Avodah is indescribable. At the same time, he loved and cherished every Yid and saw only goodness in every Yid.

So many Yidden derive Chizzuk and inspiration from this Holy Tzadik, even 60 years after his passing. Hundreds of thousands of Yidden throng to his Kever, one of the most traveled to in the world.

Take part in supporting the Tzadik’s vision and mission of building the Belz Torah Network of over 13,000 Talmidim and send a Kvittel to his Tziyon on the day of the Yahrtzeit. Reb Aharon said, “Baruch Hashem, I never was left owing someone a favor.” Giving to his Torah Network will bring many blessings and merit to you and your family.

The only known video of Reb Aharon z”l. It is at the Giyus Banos demonstration in the year תשי”ג

R’ Shia Yakobovitch a”h, an elderly Yid who lived in Borough Park, recounted the following story. When he first arrived to Auschwitz with the people of his town, not only were they in the valley of death, they were also shattered and depressed in spirit. They had no will or wish to survive r”l.

One day, as the inmates were making their way to the early morning daily roll call, a Yid approached him and whispered, “the Ruv hut degreicht Eretz Yisroel!” (the Ruv reached Eretz Yisroel). 

It is amazing how they got hold of this piece of information. This piece of news brought them tremendous chizuk and Emunah. “If the Ruv reached Eretz Yisroel, then Klal Yisroel will survive and if so, I want to survive this too!” said R’ Shia. From that moment on, he was a changed person and B”H survived the war.

The story of the Ruv z”l’s rebuilding Belz in Israel is an amazing miracle and is a beacon of light of Emunah in times of despair. Tzadikim said that Hashem planted such a Tzadik in this generation to be a Chizzuk for the hard times that befall Klal Yisroel.

The Yeshiva that the Ruv z”l established is the seed that made Yiddishkeit blossom after the war. The Ruv Z”L directed every aspect of the Yeshiva: the Limudim, Shabbosim, lunches, and sleeping conditions. It was the pinnacle of the Ruv z”l’s efforts and the apple of his eye. This Yeshiva grew to be the vast Torah Network of Belz with over 13,000 Talmidim.

By supporting this Torah Network, you become part of his Kedushah and his vision, and you continue his holy work. 

Yehi Ratzon that the great Zechus of the Tzadik should be a protection for us all and may you and your family enjoy rich and fulfilling lives with many years of success, prosperity, health, and much Si’yata Di’shmaya.

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